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Hello all!


Welcome to my model railway site.

This site is a showcase of my layout and rolling stock.


This site is very much under construction.


I have always had an interest in any thing railway. My first hands on encounter was on the footplate of Garratt 6042 at the now defunct Forbes Vintage Village and being in close proximity of the Lachlan Valley Railway kept my attention.




After begging for a HO Model train set for Christmas 1990, my parents bought me a Powerline set. It comprised of a loop of track, basic transformer, NSW SRA candy 8115 and 4 container wagons.
















March 1991, construction started of a permanent layout. It was a bent dog bone on 2 8’ x 4’ tables in an ’L’ shape. One continuous main with 2 sidings.














In July 1994 it was extended for a longer main and to include shunting loops and sidings, now taking up 20’ x 10’ of space. To this day it has basically remained this way.


The late 90’s saw the duplication of the main and in 00’s it was triplicated. 2005 a ‘upper deck’ was created with another 2 mains enabling 5 trains to run simultaneously.

























Since 1991 the layout has been scenery free and nicknamed the Simpson Desert.


2008, a layout was purchased in addition to the existing one which sits 15” above it. It’s called MUNIBUNG and is 14’ x 11’. A helix was created to link the two together.


























Another Layout section was purchased. This is the terminus of the new extension planned that includes another station and yard that resembles Carcoar, a station located in the Central West of NSW, Australia, on the Blayney to Demondrille cross country rail line.















The 2009 extension is the largest since 1994. It is unfinished, in fact it has only just started to take shape with the first trial train running on the 9th Nov 2009. Now the real work on Carcoar will start. Work on this section is expected to take many months if not years as this will be my first serious move into actually modeling a layout.



























Track laying and wiring for Carcoar and Linhurst has been completed. The control panels are a leap forward over the main layout panel. They feature a track plan with corresponding switches and indicator LEDs. Gone also are the fixed controllers in favor of walk around ones. Carcoar and Linhurst can be controlled individually if needed with their own power supplies. All it requires is plugging in the controller into the ‘local’ or ‘main’ sockets.




























The entire layout is DC controlled.


Even the best laid plans change. Since the last update, over a year ago (Oct ‘10).


Not much has happened in terms of modeling. However under construction is the largest layout extension ever, bigger than the branch. A new building is going up to add 4.5 x 6.7 metres of space. This will make room for Munibungs move from above the layout, so no more ducking under it to operate it.


Also in the planning stages is a new peninsular to the simpson desert. It is undecided what track plan will be used but it will extend the length of the main running line.


I also started a new Blog; Lines near the Lachlan


Here is where I will be posting updates on the model railway and other aspects of my railway hobby.






I started collecting anything Australian that I could afford before narrowing the collection down to Post WWII NSW to present and then limited to mostly native NSW rollingstock. 


90% of the Rollingstock was purchased ready to run from dealers, retailers and ebay with the rest are kits I assembled. I have only done one kit loco, an Lloyds 82 class.

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8th January 2012

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